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ForestTECH 2023
Featured image for “CollectiveCrunch enters the U.S. market”

CollectiveCrunch enters the U.S. market

5 June 2023
Partnership with OSU College of Forestry marks the company’s official entry into the U.S. market. CollectiveCrunch, the creator of the AI-powered platform that enables sustainable forestry at scale, has launched…
Featured image for “OneFortyOne appoints Chief Forester”

OneFortyOne appoints Chief Forester

5 June 2023
Commencing July 2023 Branislav Zoric will join OneFortyOne as its Chief Forester, working in both Australia and New Zealand.Branislav will provide technical and professional advice on forestry matters including the…
Featured image for “Aircraft vs Satellite vs Drone – what’s changed?”

Aircraft vs Satellite vs Drone – what’s changed?

5 June 2023
Over the years there have been numerous articles comparing capture with Aircraft vs Satellites vs Drones. So, what’s changed in relation to this comparison? In practical terms not a lot…
Featured image for “Space Intelligence to map land cover changes”

Space Intelligence to map land cover changes

5 June 2023
Everland, a company representing the largest portfolio of high-quality REDD+ forest conservation projects in the world, has named Space Intelligence as its main data partner. Everland will use the state-of-the-art…
Featured image for “ForestTECH News | Issue 68”

ForestTECH News | Issue 68

1 May 2023
Welcome to the latest issue of Foresttech.News. It’s now a couple of months since Cyclone Gabrielle and reports are being released on its impact and future recommendations. The forest industry is…
Featured image for “TED Vancouver: Fighting wildfires from space”

TED Vancouver: Fighting wildfires from space

28 April 2023
Aerospace executive talks new tools to help fight wildfires from space. With “mega fires” of more than 40,000 hectares becoming more prevalent, George Whitesides says better satellites are among the…
Featured image for “One New Zealand takes off, announces collaboration with SpaceX”

One New Zealand takes off, announces collaboration with SpaceX

28 April 2023
One New Zealand officially launches new brand and announces a new collaboration with SpaceX. On its first official day as One New Zealand, the now-locally run telecommunications provider has launched…
Featured image for “Genomic tool – a game changer for Radiata pine”

Genomic tool – a game changer for Radiata pine

28 April 2023
The result of research effort that began in 2014, Graham is holding a single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) array. It is the first large-scale genome-based pedigree identification and genetic selection tool…
Featured image for “Return of the GEDI”

Return of the GEDI

28 April 2023
• Since 2018, the GEDI mission has been firing lasers from the International Space Station to measure aboveground biomass on Earth. • The information gleaned from it has been crucial…
Featured image for “CollectiveCrunch launches Linda Planet”

CollectiveCrunch launches Linda Planet

28 April 2023
CollectiveCrunch, creator of the AI-powered platform that enables sustainable forestry at scale, is launching Linda Planet, a new trustworthy tool that enables forestry professionals to assess the health of forests…
Featured image for “Optimising profitability with fertiliser prediction systems”

Optimising profitability with fertiliser prediction systems

28 April 2023
In 2017, FWPA-supported research led to the development of the ProFert for Pine tool, which was designed to improve the capacity of softwood growers to effectively predict the success of…
Featured image for “On-orbit fire detection technology launched”

On-orbit fire detection technology launched

28 April 2023
Germany-based wildfire solution company OroraTech has announced its new on-orbit fire processing technology that can detect and send fire notification alarms to customers via the multi-satellite link within three minutes…