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Featured image for “NEON adds drone-based Leaf Sampling Protocol”

NEON adds drone-based Leaf Sampling Protocol

Treetop leaf sampling ( canopy foliar sampling) at forested NEON (The National Science Foundation’s National Ecological Observatory Network ) field sites just got a whole lot easier. We’ve added a…
Featured image for “Engineered magic: wooden seed carriers”

Engineered magic: wooden seed carriers

Geometric design and engineering of biodegradable materials could improve versatility, efficiency of aerial seeding How seeds implant themselves in soil can seem magical. Take some varieties of Erodium, whose five-petalled…
Featured image for “Future proofing our forestry sector”

Future proofing our forestry sector

Future-proofing New Zealand’s radiata pine plantations against climate challenges and a rapidly changing economic environment has become a whole lot easier with a world-leading application of Genomic Selection (GS), a…
Featured image for “Rotorua to host international remote sensing conference”

Rotorua to host international remote sensing conference

Rotorua and Whakarewarewa Forest will be the backdrop to a global forestry conference that is set to attract up to 500 remote sensing specialists to the city in just over…
Featured image for “Plantma planting trials and expansion ongoing”

Plantma planting trials and expansion ongoing

After a long time of preparation and transportation, a PlantMax X2 Planting unit is operating in Brazil. In collaboration with partners at Timber in Curitiba Plantma Forestry has done a…
Featured image for “ForestTECH News | Issue 65”

ForestTECH News | Issue 65

Welcome to the latest issue of Foresttech.News. As we start 2023, there’s plenty to catch up on as we look ahead to the future year. A couple of major events the…
Featured image for “ChatGPT and AI will disrupt these industries”

ChatGPT and AI will disrupt these industries

ChatGPT is the world’s most powerful AI chatbot. It offers a human-like alternative to search engines and can do everything from compile a menu to writing a TV script to…
Featured image for “Autonomous planting machine runs for first time”

Autonomous planting machine runs for first time

The autonomous planting machine project Autoplant is getting closer to reality. In September 2022 the first test of a complete machine was made in Bräcke, mid-Sweden, close to the Bracke…
Featured image for “Remote sensing supporting future smart decision making”

Remote sensing supporting future smart decision making

Australian researchers have proposed a holistic approach to provide meaningful insights to support smart decision making for the future. Contemporary forest and wood products companies face a significant challenge around…
Featured image for “Pilotless planes to fight bushfires”

Pilotless planes to fight bushfires

A New Zealand aviation technology company is developing pilotless planes to fight bushfires from the skies. Canterbury-based Skybase is converting aircraft to fly remotely in a world-leading move designed to…
Featured image for “Gaia AI raises US$3M for forest data collection service”

Gaia AI raises US$3M for forest data collection service

Gaia AI has secured a US$3M Pre-Seed to automate the collection of forestry data, verify carbon credits, and build a data platform that empowers foresters to make the best financial…
Featured image for “HQPlantations CEO appointed”

HQPlantations CEO appointed

Following an extensive domestic and international executive search, HQPlantations Board of Directors are pleased to announce the appointment of Jason Wilson as new Chief Executive Officer following previous CEO Jeremy…