2020 Drone Industry Predictions: Experts Weigh In – and Disagree

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2019 was a year of change and progress for the drone industry.  What comes next – more consolidation and an industry slow down, or more exciting innovation and industry expansion?  We asked some of the industry’s leading voices for their 2020 predictions.

DRONELIFE asked participants to comment on 3 important questions- and the variety of answers may surprise you.  Read on to see what our panel agreed upon – and how their predictions differed widely.

What new vertical market or application will be the number one growth opportunity in 2020?  

A lot of disagreement on this question could mean good things for the industry – indicating lots of different opportunities for growth.  Annette Taber, Senior Vice President of Industry Outreach at CompTIA, the leading global technology certification organization, says that package delivery is going to be a major story in 2020: “We’re already starting to see it with UPS, FedEx, and Amazon,” says Taber. “The drone package delivery market is expected to reach $2.1 billion in 2023 and $27.4 billion by 2030, growing 45% a year during that period according to ResearchAndMarkets.com.”  Related to that, Taber sees an opportunity in cybersecurity also: “As demand for this market increases, the need to prevent cybersecurity hacks, and expand AI and data analytics features will become more important.”

Drone mapping platform Pix4D is focused in 2020 on traditional industries, like construction.  Industry thought leader and founder Christoph Strecha explains that technology has evolved to provide even better value, as products like their Pix4D Crane Camera solution and Pix4Dbim deliver project updates automatically. “Communication is essential because preventing rework can be the difference between delivering a project on time and on budget, or not,” says Strecha.

Philippe Simard, PhD, Co-founder and CEO of mapping software provider SimActive, also sees growth in traditional industries, mentioning mining specifically: and InsurTech company Skywatch.AI CEO Tomer Kashi agrees that inspection and mapping in traditional industries are poised for growth, adding agriculture to the list:  “What started from “simple” videography and got boosted with the usage of smart software will move to the next stage with the adoption of advanced AI-based inspection and mapping,” says Kashi.

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Source: Dronelife

Image credit: Terra Drone

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