Remote Sensing Cluster Group Agenda

ForestTECH 2023 Pre-Conference Workshop

Rimu Room, Scion, Rotorua | Mon 13 Nov 2023

1.00 pm


Michael Watt
1.10 pm

Progress towards an RNC monitoring system

Andrew Holdaway
1.30 pm

Capturing NZ at scale (Aerial Survey’s imagery database, PGF LiDAR datasets, 3D mesh models)

Steve Smith
1.50 pm

The Uptake and Barriers of Geospatial Technologies in New Zealand’s Plantation Forestry Sector (2023)

Anna Manning
2.10 pm

Annual update on Tools For Foresters initiative

Robin Hartley
2.30 pm


Michael Watt
2.35 pm


2.55 pm

Session introduction

Aaron Gunn
3.00 pm

From Shared Datasets to Fake Datasets – an update on deep learning work at Scion

Grant Pearse
3.20 pm

Advances in tree detection models, methods and delivery

Pete Watt + Abdullah Madawi
3.40 pm

In-house lidar for forestry companies? An appraisal of the DJI L1 sensor for forest inventory

Sadeepa Jayathunga + Robin Hartley
4.00 pm

Terrestrial LiDAR (update on implementation for inventory) & Single Tree LiDAR imputation – the current hurdle for implementation

David Herries
4.20 pm


Aaron Gunn
4.30 pm


5.00 pm

End of Meeting