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Forest & Wood Products Australia (FWPA) is developing a single, centralised database for private forestry information through a national project to collect and collate information about commercial farm plantations, private native forests and Indigenous managed forests around Australia.FWPA’s Chris Lafferty said the project presents a significant and unique opportunity. “So much work has been undertaken, through funded programs or by individuals who have a passion for trees and timber. Too often the valuable lessons aren’t available to inform commercial forest management in agricultural settings. This project will develop a comprehensive database of historic and current trials which will inform landowners and investors about the potential for sensible and profitable expansion of forestry.”

The project is funded by the Commonwealth Government as part of the delivery of its National Forest Industries Plan: Growing a Better Australia – A Billion Trees for Jobs and Growth. It aims to encourage increased regional wood supply and while encouraging diversification of landholder income with practical and realistic guidance about the integration of commercial tree production into farming landscapes and the effective commercial management of privately owned natural forests.

FWPA has engaged leading forestry consulting firm, Greenwood Strategy to undertake the work. Pat Groenhout of Greenwood Strategy, said the project team was aiming to reach as broad an audience as possible. “If you’ve had an involvement in establishing commercial plantations in agricultural settings, or managing natural forests for timber production on private land, we’d like to hear from you.

Often people are sitting on information stashed away in a filing cabinet or on an old computer that could be really useful for others who are interested in private forestry. We’re really interested in old reports, measurements, sawmilling trials – anything to help build a more complete picture.”

The project will develop a single database for the private forestry information and will develop up-to-date extension material to guide land owners about the financial and timber production potential for commercial farm tree plantings, private native forestry and Indigenous managed forests.

To contribute information, or find out more about the project, you can contact Greenwood Strategy at info@greenwoodstrategy.com.au.

Source: Greenwood Strategy

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