AI tool for forestry sequestration attracts backing

In Issue48 by FIEA

Nelson Artificial Intelligence (NAI), a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for thorny environmental challenges, has spun off its first business after securing a NZ$1.8 million investment in technology that gives landowners streamlined access to forest carbon credit markets.

Tauranga-based WNT Ventures has backed the spin-off, CarbonCrop, to compete globally in the large and growing market for carbon sequestration management tools. NAI was itself backed by a loan administered by the Provincial Development Unit (PDU) in August 2019. “CarbonCrop is the first of several spin-offs we’ll be talking about,” said NAI Chairman Mark Houghton Brown.

CarbonCrop helps land-owners understand the scale of their carbon forestry opportunity without any up-front cost or commitment. Machine learning and remote sensing technology enable the product to identify, monitor and make best use of forest carbon stocks and restoration options.

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