Airobotics Automated Drones Add LiDAR

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It’s been a big year for Airobotics.  The Israeli company which is the best known fully automated drone solution in the world has received a major funding boost; opened a U.S. facility in Scottsdale, Arizona; and added major new functionality to their solution – a drone solutions that does not require a human operator for flight.

The solution already has major customers in security, infrastructure and mining.  The new LiDAR capabilities will expand their scope even further.  LiDAR – Light Detection and Ranging – is a remote sensing method for measurement that allows for the creation of extremely detailed 3D modeling and precise surveying.

“This past year has seen a huge period of growth for us,” said Airobotics CEO and Co-Founder, Ran Krauss. “As we expand our services and shift our base of operations to the US, we continue to push advancements in autonomous drone operations, global regulatory approvals and new technology

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