Australian drone industry update

In Issue47 by FIEA

The Australian Association for Unmanned Systems hosted the RPAS in Australian Skies 2021 conference in March 2021. This was an important event for the industry and continued the discussion on the safe integration of commercial drone in Australia.

Bennett+Co has released the report, ‘Drone Industry Update – 2021: Communication, Complexity and the Emerging Airspace Ecosystem’. This report provides a detailed snapshot of the March conference and explores the themes, issues and future of the commercial drone industry. A brief outline:

  • Climbing the learnng curve
  • Changing (with the ) times
  • Capitalising on opportunities
  • identifying industry needs
  • Enabling industry
  • Future airspace maangment
  • The airspace ecosystem

Click here to read the report

Source and image credit: Bennett+Co

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