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Ash forests to forests of ash

In Issue59, Video by FIEA

Desperate efforts to regenerate Victoria’s towering ash forests, which are being regularly decimated by bushfires, involves a dedicated group searching high and low to bank enough seeds for their survival. …

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GDC drones prove worth

In Issue40, Video by FIEA

Drones have become a valuable asset for the Gisborne District Council. with three machines proving their worth several times over. Use of the drones has grown extensively over the three …

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Climate right for raising tech funds

In Issue33, Video by FIEA

Startups are capitalising on renewed interest in environmental solutions after Australia’s bushfires brought climate change to the front of investors’ minds.  “We’ve got a problem in front of us. If we don’t …

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Unmanned Helicopter for Heavy Lifts

In Issue26, Video by FIEA

A Robinson R22 helicopter was converted by UAVOS to an unmanned drone. UAVOS— which specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned vehicles and autopilot systems — successfully completed in-air programmed missions with …