Celebrating tree planting – with a film festival

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“Tree planting transforms us. These are our stories.” On 19 March The 2022 virtual Tree Planting Film Festival entitled We Are the Landscape, provided an inside look into what it takes to be a tree planter in Canada, sharing stories of passion, purpose, and perseverance.

It featured 26 short films and documentaries, each under 10 minutes in length, as well as an appearance by Paul Stamets, an American mycologist, and musical entertainment by Clayton Joseph Scott, The Boom Booms, and Shred Kelly. This is the third year for the virtual Film Festival, produced by tree Blue Green Planet Project Inc. (BGPP), a collaborative carbon solutions company.

Event organizer Tim Tchida says 600 million trees are planted in Canada each year by approximately 8000 tree planters. The work requires tremendous skill, devotion, and endurance. For many, it’s a calling as much as it is a job.

“Planters share physical traits with high-performance athletes,” says Tchida. “In between the millions of trees being planted each day, in every moment there is a lot happening. In the space between trees there is friendship, initiation, and giving back…. and tough, gruelling, rewarding work. It’s a profound alignment of personal endurance and collective fulfilment; it is an initiation into your own potential.”

The shorts streamed during the festival provided a glimpse into the life of a tree planter, connecting the industry’s history (one documentary takes viewers back to the 70s) to its future potential, all while providing insights into the impact of their work.

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