Combining the best technologies for 3D Modeling

In ForestTECH, Issue04 by FIEA

Cambridge startup Scanifly isn’t just another drone data platform. With a background in solar technology and a clear view of the value proposition for drone data, founder John Novak and his team are combining technologies for the best in 3D modeling for the enterprise – and beyond.

Starting with solar technology applications, Scanifly has developed feature-rich solutions designed to maximize the work that drones can do. The company says that Scanifly can double the number of on-site assessments that a business can complete in a day. The Scanifly offering doesn’t end with solar. The company has introduced a piece of hardware that could be a game changer across industries.

The new Flydar sensor combines LiDAR technology with cameras – creating a 3D model that provides the accuracy of LiDAR with the realism of images. The result – a colorized point cloud – has significant impact for industry.

At 6.9 pounds, the Flydar mounts on a DJI Matrice but can be customized to fly on any drone that can carry the payload. Flydar is also the only LiDAR aerial unit available that carries an integrated battery, allowing for longer flight endurance. Read more.


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