Drone Data vs LIDAR: Misconceptions

In ForestTECH by FIEA

We frequently receive inquiries to provide “LIDAR data”, however there are a couple of things to clarify regarding these requests:

  • Most often what people want is a 3D point cloud or Digital Elevation Model (DEM), not specifically LIDAR data
  • Aerial LIDAR data is generally less accurate than drone aerial photogrammetry data

There is a perception that LIDAR is the best available technology for 3D surveys, however, in our experience for most projects aerial LIDAR is less accurate, less reliably scheduled, and more expensive than a photography based approach. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of each methodology below.

Regardless of the method, in both cases a 3D point cloud or digital terrain model is the result, and either can be delivered by AUAV. Being impartial to any specific technology, we will recommend the most suitable and cost-effective approach depending on the project requirements.

Click here for a detailed review on your options (Australian UAV)

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