Drone sets a new world record

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During FPT Industrial’s Tech day, FPT Industrial and Forvola broke the Guinness World Record for the heaviest payload lifted by a drone. With 16 propellers giving it enough oomph to lift hefty objects, Forvola’s megadrone lifted a 5 ft. box of FPT Industrial spare parts that weighed in at about 220 lbs. The drone held this weight for more than one minute and three seconds, officially setting a world record on December 6th, 2018. Previously, the record belonged to the University of Oslo, Norway, whose drone lifted about 135 lbs. for 37 seconds in 2015.

Forvola’s drone is the first customizable megadrone in terms of size, configuration, and accessories. Additionally, it has a power of 10 to 20 kW, can carry weights up to 440 lbs., and can fly for 30 minutes or more depending on how heavy the load. Forvola drones are designed for applications in an array of situations, such as rescue missions, cargo handling for the maritime sector, firefighter support, ensuring safety near shorelines, and construction site assistance.

Source: ecnmag.com

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