ForestTECH 2019 details now on line

In Event, Issue27 by FIEA

Every year, over 250 resource managers, remote sensing, GIS and mapping specialists, inventory foresters and technology providers from throughout Australasia (and more recently SE Asia) meet up at the annual ForestTECH technology series. Since 2007, it’s the one event every year that’s run in both Australia and New Zealand focussing on this particular part of the forestry industry.

“Compared to other parts of the wood supply chain, it’s been the sheer pace of change around the collection, analysis and reporting of data collected for the forest estate that has continued to drive interest and support for this particular technology series” says FIEA Director Brent Apthorp. “In recent years there has been a very short lag time (often less than six months) between the time research results are being relayed to forestry companies to the time that it’s being implemented operationally”.

At recent ForestTECH events, new data collection technologies have been unveiled along with advances that have been made on processing and better interpreting the big data streams now routinely being collected out in the field. The task being grappled with by many forestry companies has been how best to sort through and use this collected data and convert it into something that’s usable for all stakeholders.

The focus for ForestTECH 2019 is “unlocking the true value of data”. Disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence, the IOT, machine and deep learning, robotics, automation, daily satellite imagery, UAV’s and the use of virtual and augmented reality are now increasingly being integrated into day to day operations of most forestry companies.

With input from a wide cross section of forestry companies, tech providers and researchers, the ForestTECH 2019 programmes have been completed.

A couple of key features of this year’s series are;

– A number of pre and post conference workshops have been set up for ForestTECH 2019 delegates in both countries. Check out the website for details. The focus for the workshops includes using geospatial tools and workflows, new technologies for collecting high-quality 3D forestry spatial data using portable, handheld devices and technology advances around hyperspectral and thermal imaging for precision forestry operations. Note, places at some of the workshops, because of the venue size, are limited so will be filled on a first in-first served basis.

– The number of presentations being given from major forestry companies and global technology providers from outside Australasia. Key presenters include; Northwest Management, USA, DroneSeed, USA, GreenValley International, USA/China, SKYLAB, Germany, Swift Geospatial, South Africa, Forestal Arauco, Chile and IDAF Forestry Consulting, Spain.

The ForestTECH 2019 series this year runs in Melbourne, Australia on 13-14 November and then again in Rotorua, New Zealand on 19-20 November 2019.

Registrations are now open. Details can be found on the event website; Further information will follow.

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