ForestTECH 2019 workshops announced

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To capitalise on those travelling through to Rotorua, New Zealand and/or Melbourne, Australia to attend ForestTECH 2019 this year, a series of four practical workshops have been set up with forestry companies and key tech providers this year for ForestTECH 2019 delegates. The ForestTECH 2019 series this year runs in Melbourne, Australia on 13-14 November and then again in Rotorua, New Zealand on 19-20 November 2019.

In New Zealand, pre and post conference workshops are being run by the specialist systems integration and information management company, Eagle Technology. Building on the Esri Platform demonstrated at the NZ Esri Users Conference in August, these forestry specific workshops have been designed to meet the growing interest from forestry companies across the country in using geospatial tools and workflows.

Another practical half day workshop is being run on the morning after the ForestTECH 2019 conference in Rotorua. It’s being run by Scion in conjunction with GreenValley International, a US company specialising in advanced but easy to use aerial, terrestrial, and mobile laser scanning technologies. The workshop is designed to showcase new technologies for collecting high-quality 3D forestry spatial data using portable, handheld devices (terrestrial LiDAR Scanning).

In Australia, a half day workshop runs the day before the ForestTECH 2019 conference. It will be covering technology advances that have been made with hyperspectral and thermal imaging for precision forestry operations. Presenters with international / national expertise will also be participating in a consultative forum to identify priority objectives and applications for the forestry sector through the adoption of this rapidly developing technology.

Details for each workshop can now be found on the event website.

Conference programmes for both countries will be uploaded shortly. Note, for two of the workshops, because of the space available at each venue, places will be capped and will be filled on a “first in-first served” basis.

Further details on the event will follow.

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