ForestTECH: a new communication tool for local foresters

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ForestTECH 2016 delegates in Rotorua and Melbourne late last year provided input to this new venture. Together with industry, the Forest Industry Engineering Association (FIEA) plans to communicate much more regularly with local foresters and key suppliers to those involved in forest resource management.

As well as annual technology gatherings, the ForestTECH website will now be used to provide the very latest updates on breaking news, research results, reports, information on new technology and links for those involved in resource management and forest planning in Australasia.


Since 2007, FIEA has run Australasia’s leading technology event, ForestTECH. ForestTECH is:

  • Run for forest resource managers, remote sensing specialists, GIS, mapping and inventory foresters.
  • The ONE technical event every year that’s attended by all major forestry companies from around New Zealand and Australia.
  • Also the only independent forum in the region for tech updates, for disseminating results from recent research and from in-forest trials, for sharing information and for networking amongst technical foresters.

What’s planned?

ForestTECH delegates over the years have suggested a platform for more regular communication and networking amongst themselves. They’d like to connect during the year as well as in and around the ForestTECH events. They’ve pointed to the ForestTECH website as the logical tool or vehicle to make this happen.

The website, is going to be used in future to provide more regular communication on news – and events – to forest resource managers and inventory foresters.

It will complement weekly updates from the forestry e-news sources, Friday Offcuts ( and WoodWeek ( along with other technical events and news sources. It will contain information we hope will be relevant – and of direct use to our readers. As well as updates on the website, a regular blog with links to new stories or posts will be sent out (no more than once a month but will be dependent on news sources and contributions received) to subscribers.

At this early stage, recent ForestTECH delegates have been added to this new community of blog subscribers. If you don’t wish to receive regular updates, you can unsubscribe here. Alternatively, if you wish to add company or team members to the distribution list, please subscribe directly through the website.

How can you help?

The service is being provided for you. It’s free. It’s also dependent on your input and guidance. We’d be grateful for your input with news stories, contributions from:

  • research,
  • papers written for journals,
  • links to news feeds,
  • relevant new equipment or product launches,
  • etc

This can be done on line – or by emailing Any suggestions or recommendations on content or format of course will also be gratefully received.

What now?

Check out the website. This is our first ForestTECH News issue. Thanks for your advice, input and contributions to the concept and we look forward to working with you all in future.

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