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The highly anticipated programme for November’s ForestTECH 2019 series will be released later this month. Event registrations will also open shortly, with big early-bird discounts available. We have an international cast of experts at both the New Zealand and Australian events and a wealth of new technologies and case studies will be on display. Several ‘hands-on’ workshops will also be run around ForestTECH 2019 and details can be found below.

In this month’s news, we have the first launch of SpaceX’s ambitious Starlink mission, which aims to provide internet access to even the most remote places on earth through a network of 12,000 satellites. In a world first, NZ-based technology company, Robotics Plus, has just commissioned two automated logging truck scalers at the Port of Tauranga in New Zealand. The new system, which scans 200 trucks per day, will improve productivity throughout the entire supply chain.

Due largely in part to the New Zealand Government’s tree planting incentives, NZ forestry farm prices have increased by over 45% compared to last year. It will be interesting to see how this will impact and shape the sector over the next couple of years and beyond.

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