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Welcome to the latest issue of

We open this issue with a new report highlighting that New Zealand and Australian employees are more open to advanced workplace technologies than other major countries. It seems the Kiwis came out on top on a number of the stats. However, overall, 88%, from both countries had a positive view on the impact technology like AI, augmented reality and automation, were having within the workplace.

Check out the other new stories this month covering; a new method for mapping bushfires, advancements in high-resolution remote sensing, the arrival of a new aerial mapping provider for Australasia and developments in airborne Lidar.

Finally, we have mentioned in previous issues details relating to the upcoming ForestTECH 2019 technology series being run in Australia and New Zealand in November. This event is our region’s premier technology series and focuses on new innovations in data collection, remote sensing and inventory management. UAV advancements are a key feature this year, with presentations being made on autonomous drone tree planting and below canopy LiDAR mapping.

Enjoy this month’s issue.

Stories this issue:

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