ForestTECH News Issue 33

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Welcome to the latest issue of Foresttech.News.

There is no doubt, drones have come a long way over the last 5 years and this month we’ve profiled a number of new stories relating to forestry. Canada’s FPInnovations is using drones to assess post-harvest residues and quantify the potential for secondary markets and bioenergy. A Canberra company, Tactical Research, is developing drone technology to fight bushfires by utilising onboard ‘AI’ to make decisions on the fly.

AirSeed Technologies, after the successful launch of their drone-based seed-planting technology company, is now running a crowdfunding campaign to expand their Australian operations. This comes directly from renewed awareness of environmental solutions with the devastating bush fires over summer bringing climate change to the forefront of investors’ minds. One of their key focuses is on the reforestation of areas impacted by bushfires.

Another start-up, Wellington-based Lynker Analytics, is also using artificial intelligence on drone footage to better classify forest blocks and generate detailed recommendations on land-use. This will create an accurate map to assess whether each block has been re-planted, is naturally regenerating, suffered damage or has been converted for another purpose.

Check out all the articles below and enjoy this month’s issue.

Stories this issue:

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