ForestTECH News Issue 41

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Welcome to the latest issue of Foresttech.News.

In just two weeks we will be running this year’s ForestTECH 2020! This is shaping up to be one of the largest ever ForestTECH events with over 300 set to attend. There has been huge interest in both the in-person event in Rotorua (New Zealand) and the online live streaming event. With expert speakers from every corner of the globe, if you haven’t registered yet, have a look at the programme and sign up now. ForestTECH 2020 runs on 18-19 November 2020.

In this month’s ForestTECH News issue, there are a number of innovative companies making the headlines who will be speaking at ForestTECH 2020. Emesent’s autonomous drone has flown into an underground mine in Canada – while being operated remotely from Australia. Aerometrex has made advancements with LiDAR, allowing cameras to see through canopies and capture fuel load densities in fire-prone areas. Planet satellites were launched into orbit by Rocket Lab last week.

A couple of other interesting highlights include the use of high-resolution satellite images to map more than 1.8 billion individual tree canopies in West Africa and a New Zealand tree planting app designed to give tree donors the ability to track their tree’s growth. 

There’s a lot more in this month’s issue, so check them all out below!

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Stories this issue:

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