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Welcome to the latest issue of Foresttech.News.

We have a bunch of new stories this month. The first story can be seen as both a positive and a negative. NZTech has been a leader in promoting and developing the New Zealand technology sector. Through the Digital Skills Forum, they highlight that, while there has been a massive growth in digital business investments, demand for labour with the right digital skills is outstripping supply.

By 2025, over 149 million new digital technology jobs are expected to be created worldwide. New Zealand and Australia need to act now in order to improve the skill sets coming through our education system and aim to work on attracting the right personnel into the market.

This month we take a closer look at another couple of recent autonomous tree-planting projects on the go. A number of these were highlighted at the last ForestTECH 2020 event, which covered new technology from around the globe and local operational trials on large-scale mechanised tree planting.

In Sweden the forestry industry and researchers are investing EURO €2 million into the development of a new autonomous planting system they’ve called, Autoplant. Bracke Forest, who presented at ForestTECH 2020 on their mechanised planting equipment, will be laying a key role in this new project. And another robotics manufacturer in Europe, which started off building autonomous tanks, is also trialling planting trees from driverless (robotic tree planting) ground vehicles.

And finally, we have a call to arms by a PhD student at Melbourne’s RMIT University. A short, anonymous survey is being undertaken on the current requirements and challenges associated with the collection of forest inventory and opportunities that low-cost 3D imaging technologies may present. It’s hoped that the information collected can contribute to the development of a 3D imaging sensor assessment framework for consumer-grade low-cost technologies. If able to help, check out the story below.

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Stories this issue:

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