ForestTECH News | Issue 71

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Welcome to the latest issue of Foresttech.News.

Residues2Revenues 2023 ran last week and saw over 250 attendees discuss the significant bioenergy and bioproduct market opportunities that are available to forest owners and wood processing companies. New wood residues extraction, wood handling, processing and transport technologies were detailed to the wider industry along with details on the successful operation of regional bioenergy hubs.

In news this month, there continues to be uncertainty around native timber supply within Australia, with logging restrictions already happening in Victoria and Western Australia. Now the Albanese government’s review of the national environment standards may include further measures impacting on native logging nationally. In response to a range of issues within the forestry sector, Forestry Australia has just released a series of positional statements designed to foster greater recognition of the industry by policymakers, stakeholders and media.

On the technology front, we have a new artificial intelligence model to estimate carbon capture based on satellite data, an Australian study designed to improve growth forecasts, the use of camera systems to detect forest fires and a new system for growing tree seedlings using vertical farming sytems.

Stories this issue:

So, sit back, grab a drink, and join us as we delve into the latest news and developments in the world of remote sensing, forest data capture and tree crop management.

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