ForestX and CollectiveCrunch join forces

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ForestX and Collective Crunch to join forces to lead digitalisation of forestry in Sweden – CollectiveCrunch’s one-of-a-kind AI, Linda Forest, will be added to ForestX’s portfolio and the experienced digitalization partner helps customers in Sweden to fully utilize its benefits. CollectiveCrunch and ForestX have entered a partnership to serve the forestry customers in Sweden with a joint offering.

ForestX helps leading forestry players in Sweden and other countries to make use of technological innovations, serving as the leading digitalization partner of Swedish forestry. CollectiveCrunch’s core product Linda Forest is an artificial intelligence that analyses satellite, terrestrial and process data to predict forest inventories. ForestX will become the face of CollectiveCrunch in Sweden, and Linda Forest will be one of the products in ForestX’s high- quality portfolio.

According to Rolf Schmitz, CEO and co-founder of CollectiveCrunch, one of the key benefits of the partnership is that it answers the need of local customer support and expertise: “Linda Forest lives within a wider digitalisation context, and customers are looking for advice and help. Sometimes to integrate Linda Forest, sometimes to address digitalization aspects that go beyond our solution. ForestX is the ideal partner to provide this expertise and service,” he describes.

“We are proud to join forces with CollectiveCrunch to bring its unique forestry specific AI solutions Linda Forest to Sweden. Our specialized team members are on the front lines of technological change in the forest industry. We are pleased to collaborate closely with CollectiveCrunch and to work with the most innovative forestry solutions for our market,” says Carl Barck, CEO and Co-founder of ForestX.

Source: ForestX

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