Four workshops set up for ForestTECH 2022

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The ForestTECH series has firmly established itself on the Australasian calendar. Since 2007, aside from a recent hiccup or two with Covid enforced travel and meeting restrictions, it’s been run annually for the forestry industry on both sides of the Tasman. In more recent years, it’s also truly become an international event with well over 100 delegates from 20 different countries joining in remotely to each event over the last couple of years.

It’s the one technology series every year where remote sensing, GIS, mapping and forest inventory specialists, and more recently, tree crop, forest establishment and silvicultural managers – get-together. For the first time in three years for Australia (two for the NZ forestry industry) forestry companies will be meeting up face to face at two venues, Rotorua, New Zealand and Melbourne, Australia. It’s been long overdue.

And, as we have done at recent ForestTECH events, two distinct themes have been selected. In addition to the usual technology updates on remote sensing, forest inventory and new data collection technologies, we’ll also be focussing this year on mechanised planting and automated silviculture. Because of the interest being shown in the end of year series, forest companies and technology providers from Sweden, Chile and Brazil will also be presenting at ForestTECH 2022 this year. Full details on each of the two programmes can be found here.

To capitalise on those travelling into Rotorua or Melbourne, four workshops for ForestTECH 2022 delegates have been set up.

In New Zealand:

1. A pre-conference workshop on Imagery & Remote Sensing with ArcGIS is being run by Eagle Technology. The workshop will be exploring the ArcGIS imagery tools and workflows for visualisation and analysis and how to access the best data for your forest operations.

2. A post-conference workshop is also being run by Tools for Foresters on how to use UAVs operationally within the forest. The full half-day workshop has been planned to take delegates through standard operational procedures for using UAVs to carry out operational forestry assessments, and how to analyse collected data for decision making.

In Australia, two workshops likewise have been set up.

3. A two-hour hands-on pre-conference workshop is being run by Skylab where delegates will learn how to easily upload, process and analyse drone, plane or satellite imagery in a cloud environment.

4. A post-conference half day workshop has also been set up by Remsoft with case studies presented by Forico and the Forestry Corporation of NSW. The functionality of the Remsoft system, implementation experience, data integration, extending reporting options using BI, and the insights seen from their Artificial Intelligence (AI) models linked to the platform will be outlined to ForestTECH 2022 delegates.

Registrations to all of these workshops are free to ForestTECH 2022 delegates. Details on each can be found using these links; NZ ForestTECH 22 Workshops and AU ForestTECH 22 Workshop. Interest in attending can be made at the time registrations are made.

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