New Zealand | ForestTECH 2022

DAY ONE   |   15 November 2022
Remote Sensing, Data Capture & Forest Inventory
Timezone: AEST

10.00 - 12.00pm

WORKSHOP: Eagle Technology – Imagery & Remote Sensing with ArcGIS (In-Person Only)

Where: Cards Room, Distinction Hotel Rotorua,

Attendees: Limited to 35 attendees

Cost: This workshop is free to ForestTECH 2022 delegates

ArcGIS provides you with everything you need to manage and extract answers from imagery and remotely sensed data. In this workshop, we’ll explore the ArcGIS imagery tools and workflows for visualisation and analysis and how to access the best data for your work.

Join the Eagle Technology Forestry team for this informative and interactive session! Enquiries can be made to:


Registration & Exhibits Open


Lunch & Networking


Welcome & Introduction



Making Every Tree Count - The Potential of Precision Forestry at Scale

Claire Stewart, Portfolio Leader- New Value from a Digital Forest and Wood Sector, New Zealand


Development and Commercial use of Hyperspectral Imagery (SWIR and NIR). An insight into applications in Forestal Arauco forests and nursery operations

Fernando Bustamante, Technical Manager, Forestal Arauco, Chile (remote)


Combining National LiDAR Data Sets with Hovermap Ground Based Inventory Data. Results from recent in forest trials

Perry Han, Forest Engineer/Resource Forester, Interpine, New Zealand


Pruned Stem Detection in Araucaria Plantations using Mobile Laser Scanning

Lee Stamm, Resource Planning Manager/Ian Last, Science Manager, HQPlantations, Australia (Remote)


Innovations in GNSS. Recent advances in satellite based corrections to assist in field mapping, data capture and activity reporting

Peter Terrett, Managing Director, 4D Global, Australia


Afternoon Tea & Networking


Testing and Use of Satellite-Corrected GNSS in NSW Native Forest Operations. Results and key lessons.

Mike Sutton, Manager, Innovation & Research, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Australia


Monitoring Nutrient Status of Pine Plantations using Hyperspectral Imagery

Prof. Pablo J. Zarco-Tejada, Remote Sensing & Precision Agriculture, The University of Melbourne, Australia (Remote)


UAV (drone) Innovations. From skilled operators to autonomous drone deployment. What do the next 5 years look like?

James Rennie, Director, Australian UAV, Australia


Technology Showcase


Day One Concludes


Refreshments & Networking
DAY TWO   |   16 November 2022
Tree Crop Management, Forest Establishment & Mechanised Planting
Timezone: AEST


Welcome & Introduction



Mechanised Planting on Steeper Slopes. Experiences and lessons with mechanized planters for Eucalyptus in Brazil

Cassio Gomes, Forestry Innovation & Operational Development, Cenibra, Brazil & Rafael Soler, Mechanized Planting Specialist - South America, Bracke Forest AB, Sweden (remote)


Mechanised Planting with Pine. Results, learnings and opportunities from 2022 Bombala, NSW planting trials

Mike Sutton, Manager, Innovation & Research, Forestry Corporation of NSW, Australia


Swedish and US Operational Trials of a New Mechanised Planting System, Plantma X. Opportunities in switching from the traditional excavator to forwarder base units?

Christer Larsson, Product Manager, Plantma Forestry AB, Sweden (Remote)


GPS Planting Spades. Commercial planting trials at scale. A pathway for tracking seed to paddock

Joel Crowther, Forester, HQPlantations, Australia (Remote)


Technology Showcase


Morning Tea & Networking


Operational Mechanised Planting at Scale. Technology & operational insights from an annual 1,500 ha planting programme

Juan Carlos Valencia, Silviculture Operations Manager, CMPC, Chile (Remote)


Mechanised Planting with Eucalypts. Results, learnings and opportunities from 2022 Eden, NSW planting trials

Warwick Palmer, Forestry Manager, Pentarch Forestry, Australia


A Stand of One. Implementing precision forestry practices within a NZ forestry company. Operational trials using remote sensing, spray UAVs and nutrient modelling

Sean Wright, Forestry Manager, Pan Pac Forest Products & Robin Hartley, Autonomous Systems Scientist, Scion, New Zealand


Can we Extend the Planting Season using Hydrogels? Results from recent trials in New Zealand

John Moore, R&D Manager, Timberlands, New Zealand


Precision Silviculture. Direction and priorities for a new $25 million seven year programme for nursery innovation and planting, pruning and thinning mechanisation

Brian Richardson, Manager - Precision Silviculture Programme, Forest Growers Research


Conference Concludes

1.00pm - 5.00pm

WORKSHOP: Tools for Foresters UAV Workshop. How to use UAVs operationally within the forest (In-Person Only)

Where: Conference Room, Distinction Hotel Rotorua,

Cost: This workshop is free to ForestTECH 2022 delegates

The Tools For Foresters Initiative will host a half-day session taking you through standard operational procedures for using UAVs to carry out an operational forestry assessment, and how to then analyse this data for decision making. Further details to come.

Enquiries can be made to: