Government funding for Victorian forestry research

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Victoria’s forestry industries are set to benefit from five new research projects funded by the National Institute for Forest Products Innovation (NIFPI) centre in Gippsland.

Federal Assistant Minister for Forestry and Fisheries Jonno Duniam, and Victorian Minister for Agriculture Mary Anne Thomas congratulated the funding recipients and welcomed the benefits these projects will bring to Gippsland and the wider industry across Australia. The new projects have been backed by funding from the Federal and Victorian governments.

“The Gippsland NIFPI centre has funded five new forestry research projects leveraging a total of AU$4.5 million that will increase the productivity and sustainability of the forestry sector in Gippsland,” Assistant Minister Duniam said.

“Gippsland is a proud forestry region and the AU$2 million of Australian Government funding to the NIFPI, matched by Victoria, is helping to ensure that continues well into the future.”

“The research funded under this round will look at opportunities like remote controlled pruning for improved fire management, productivity enhancing tree breeding, nursery management and soil research, and the commercial opportunities available for smaller diameter plantation logs in Gippsland.”

The Australian and Victorian government project funding includes:

• AU$360,000 for Western Sydney University to develop innovative nursery management solutions to sustainably manage root disease, improve nursery utilisation, and enhance resilience and productivity of planted pines.

• AU$362,000 for Treebreeding Australia to look at how single-step genomic sequencing can deliver sustained productivity gains in softwood plantations.

• AU$90,000 for Federation University to increase productivity for Radiata pine plantations by better understanding soil resources.

• AU$300,000 for Sylva Systems to conduct a feasibility study of a commercially available remote-controlled and high-rate tree pruning unit to create fuel modified zones in softwood plantations.

• AU$300,000 for Radial Timbers Australia to evaluate commercial opportunities for laminated veneer lumber from underutilised small diameter resource in Gippsland.

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