Hyperspectral Imaging for Forestry

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From monitoring plant evolution through to using remote sensing to track forest health, the applications for engaging the objectivity of chemical imaging are vast.

More accurate than an RGB camera, a hyperspectral camera is completely objective, and where it is essential to get as exact, accurate and objective colour measurements, a hyperspectral product is the perfect tool.

Made for portability and built to operate in inhospitable environments, hyperspectral imaging is transitioning into a multiplicity of field applications for ground and air, as well as for applications set in the laboratory. Additionally, very small, handheld imagers, incorporating Cloud Technology, provide the convenience of in-the-field portability and real-time processing.

Adept Turnkey anticipated this technology shift by positioning itself as a prominent resource for hyperspectral products.

We source and leverage the latest world-class components designed to make high-quality hyperspectral data-gathering, analysis and interpretation as seamless as possible. 

By constantly testing state-of-the-art products, we offer our customers hyperspectral products from the world’s leading innovative manufacturers and our portfolio includes products from Specim, Prediktera, Perception Park and Spectral Engines.

Many hyperspectral developments mature into multispectral implementations so Adept offers a very wide range of industrial cameras including multispectral prism cameras and single-sensor cameras for multispectral camera clusters.

As a value-add, Adept Turnkey provides consultation to produce the optimal solution.  From the initial proof-of-concept right through to the long-term technical support, Adept provides timely access to its engineers and to the deep well of knowledge in the company and its suppliers.

Adept Turnkey has negotiated its 30-year journey with imaging from a small company to their current status as a leader in the Australian/ New Zealand vision industry. 

Their team of expert vision engineers are always ready to share their expertise and provide an awesome customer experience by offering technology and advice customised for technical, functional and financial needs.

Whether your application is in the field, the laboratory or in the air, take some time to visit our stand to view Adept Turnkey’s latest hyperspectral products and to talk with their engineers about your needs.

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