Improving the modelling of forest harvesting

In ForestTECH, Issue22 by FIEA

Developing tree breakage models is a key parameter in the modelling of forest yield.   To model the height at which a stem breaks during harvesting and before log-making can start, allows for correct allocation of recoverable stem volume in which logs can be made from.   This is one of the Biometric methods which are used to during the log-making process together with volume and taper models.

Interpine have recently worked on the data collection methods for breakage model development.   In the past collection of such data has been labour and time intensive, while also resulting in a very staged environment in which the study data is collected.  Being that you are working closely alongside the harvesting machine operators and / or tree fellers.   

With the advent of drones in the industry, Interpine has reworked how these studies are conducted.   Remote access to work zone is managed safety with no people within operating area of the machine or tree feller, and with the drone operated remotely from 200m to 1km away. 

Source and image credit: Interpine

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