Introducing ‘MO’ – Enabling Continuous Landscape Monitoring

In Issue47 by FIEA

With the introduction of environmental policies comes an increasing need to monitor changes across landscapes. While high revisit satellite data is touted as providing such a solution; it is often difficult to cope with the volumes of data, filter and interpret changes in a structured way.

Indufor’s monitoring system, ‘MO’ presents a rapid, scalable approach to landscape-level change detection. ‘MO’ is designed to provide actionable information that can be used to track and quantify change across broad areas. Lastly, while this demonstration tracks harvesting activity, the solution is flexible.

For example, it can be tweaked to monitor any event that results in a change relative to a baseline threshold such as plant flowering or land clearance activities. In this example, we monitor forest harvesting activity across a target area. We use a flexible framework that subdivides an area into hexagons; each is actively monitored for change using five daily Sentinel-2 imagery. When a significant and sustained change occurs within the unit, an alert is generated, and an interactive online dashboard is updated to reflect the change. Changes that can trigger alerts include harvesting, bushfires, windthrow and significant stresses that cause canopy thinning or loss.

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Source and image credit: Indufor

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