Mobility eats everything

In ForestTECH, Issue08 by FIEA

In just 10 years the ‘smartphone’ has become an essential part of our working and personal lives. We hear and see a lot of hype about the ‘next big thing’ in mobile devices, however, in reality, all we seem to get are incremental upgrades and new form factors.

Everything is just about to change! This is the topical subject for this region’s after-dinner presentations for the upcoming ForestTECH 2017 series.

The presenter, Randall Cameron, Managing Director Australia for Mobile Mentor will be providing an educational and entertaining look into the mobile innovations that are literally just around the corner. The company has increasingly been working alongside a number of major forestry companies in this region developing some very smart mobile apps and solutions.

Randall will be providing some entertaining insights into important questions like;

– Do you want a smart contact lens with a built in digital screen?
– Maybe a real-world use case for VR, AR and mixed reality?
– How about a voice-to-voice language translator run in real-time?
– Or do you just want a smart digital assistant that doesn’t break as soon as you lose data connection!

There has been a lot of promises over the years. What’s reality and what is going to change how you run your own lives – and business – over the next few years.

The ForestTECH 2017 series will run in Rotorua, New Zealand on 15-16 November and then again in Melbourne, Australia, on 21-22 November. Full details on the programme can be found on the event website,

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