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Critchlow Geospatial has announced the launch of New Zealand’s first satellite imagery marketplace.

Recent advances in optics, remote sensing, artificial intelligence, machine learning and cloud computing mean that satellite imagery (and its ever-growing catalogue of derived data) is now more powerful and accessible than ever before.

Today’s satellite imagery is not just high-resolution optical imagery either, it now includes multi (and hyper) spectral capabilities that can distinguish between materials on the Earth’s surface, as well as Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) that can penetrate through clouds, smoke and darkness of night.

The NZ Satellite Imagery Marketplace will make it easier for businesses and organisations to kickstart or ramp up their satellite imagery journey by providing knowledge, tools and insights as a one-stop online resource.

With flexible new business models around the licenses for software and data, the Marketplace will make it much easier for agritech, farmers, horticulturalists, planners, engineers and GIS specialists who serve those industries to access satellite imagery in a timely and automated manner, often via web-based and self-service subscription models.

Critchlow Geospatial Group Managing Director, Steve Critchlow says that the launch of the New Zealand Satellite Imagery Marketplace coincides with the commercial maturation of the technology and the imminent need for innovation in accelerating the transition to a low carbon economy.

“Earth observation via satellite imagery and its derived data is at the forefront of green policy and the shift to low carbon activity and emissions reduction. As part of a low carbon strategy, it will help organisations reduce their emissions and enable them to achieve their Net Zero targets much more expediently,” says Critchlow.

However, with new satellites and technology being launched all the time, it’s a complicated proposition to keep up with the rapid pace of change not to mention all the new players entering the market, and this is where the New Zealand Satellite Imagery Marketplace does all the heavy lifting.

Each provider in the Marketplace has been carefully hand-selected by Critchlow Geospatial to ensure the most comprehensive range of satellite services available today. Current providers include, Maxar, NTT Data, Pixxel, SI Imaging, Head Aerospace, Capella Space, Satellogic and SpaceWill.

With the satellite Earth observation market expected to grow globally to US$7.88 billion by 2030, almost every industry sector in New Zealand will benefit from next-generation satellite imagery and its derived data. The New Zealand Satellite Imagery Marketplace will enable the accelerated adoption of this innovative and essential technology.

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