New technology to predict wood quality

In Issue36 by FIEA

The latest episode of FWPA’s WoodChat podcast, focuses on the development of new technology, allowing growers to easily and affordably assess wood quality across their resources. The researchers have been using technologies known as IML-RESI and eCambium, to develop processes and tools that will support decision making around location and management, improving the quality of forest stands.

You will hear from Dr Geoff Downes of Forest Quality, which led the FWPA-supported research, who says the ability to predict, maintain and improve timber quality in plantations will help decrease risk and improve the productivity, competitiveness and profitability of Australia’s growers and processors.

“Being able to measure wood quality in standing trees at a particular site, cost-effectively and with minimal effort, means growers get a better understanding of the properties of processed timber, which determines price. Industry feedback so far has been incredibly positive. This project has 12 industry partners, including growers and processors, many of whom are now assessing their own resources using this technology”.

“Communication between growers and processors helps them understand how the standing tree properties will relate to the products that ultimately come out of the sawmill.” During this episode, our hosts also speak to industry partner Dr Dominic Kain, Geneticist at HQ Plantations, who shared details of his own involvement with the project.

This episode is the latest in the series of WoodChat podcasts, following topics including building safely with timber in bushfire-prone areas, and how FWPA has joined forces with Australia’s other agriculture and horticulture industries to develop new pest diagnostic technology.

WoodChat represents FWPA’s ongoing commitment to engaging ways of communicating news and innovations to the industry and beyond. Each episode includes in-depth conversations with experts on recent discoveries and current initiatives. You can listen to WoodChat on SoundCloud and iTunes

Source: FWPA

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