New version of the Woodlot Analysis Tool available

In Issue31 by FIEA

The Woodlot Analysis Tool is now available on the Forest Growers Research website. The Woodlot Analysis Tool has a focus on small forest growers in New Zealand, to provide an easy to use tool to estimate the net return from the harvesting of their woodlot or small forest.

On opening, the tool shows Google Maps with a location pin on it. The user locates their woodlot on the map, then moves to the Details Screen to add additional information, such as area, volume, and terrain mix. The tool references other databases to calculate cartage distances to customers, and harvesting costs based on this information.

The user can enter log prices by grade (in $/tonne excl. GST) or access publicly available log price information. Regarding costs the user can over-ride any cost if they have better information just by typing in a new number.

The outputs of the tool give Net Return (exclusive of GST) and net returns per hectare and per tonne. A printout of the Details, Logs, Costs, and Summary pages can be obtained at the click of a button.”

FGR would like to encourage the huge number of small forest owners to use the Woodlot Analysis Tool and give them their feedback for future improvements to the tool.

Source: Forest Growers Research

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