NGIS introduces new Forestry Monitoring Service

In ForestTECH, Issue09 by FIEA

Aerial and Satellite imagery has been used in the Forestry sector for decades, providing intelligence enabling monitoring, operational awareness and auditing capability amongst a range of use cases. Recent advances in the availability and use of UAV’s to capture aerial imagery has made an impact on Forestry, however the challenge is having access to imagery at scale to provide a full operational picture.

Satellite imagery is used to provide access to this data at scale but traditional access to satellite products has required organisations to have large minimum areas of interest and to specify tasking parameters making imagery both costly and inflexible. NGIS and Planet are working to change the way satellite imagery can be acquired for forestry purposes using Planet’s innovative fleet of micro satellites.

Planet is designing, building and launching satellites faster than any company or government in history. Planet uses commodity consumer electronics to build highly capable satellites at radically lower costs. Planet’s “Dove” satellites make up the world’s largest constellation of Earth-imaging satellites and are launched in Flocks to provide a whole-Earth dataset unmatched in its breadth and freshness.

NGIS has now become a Google Premier partner and more recently a Planet partner to help organisations grasp the opportunity represented by Planet’s massive archive of daily imagery. The Forestry Management Service NGIS and Planet have architected is fully operational and can provide immediate access to content, providing the ability to view daily satellite imagery for any location within a country and to download data for a specific area on a specific date without having to specify areas of interest to monitor. Access to all of the data required is provided through an online portal for a simple annual subscription.

With daily images you get the data you need at the time you need to inform operations and analyse impacts, including alleviating cloud issues through the high revisit rates. The Near Infrared band provides the capability for analytics to provide information about vegetation. With the Forest Monitoring Service, clients can get access to the unprecedented level of imagery in Planet’s entire archive.

For more information on the new NGIS Forestry Monitoring Service or to look at a 14-day trial of the system, click here for details.

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