NZ Forest Nursery Growers elect new president

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At their recent AGM the New Zealand Forest Nursery Growers Assn elected Peter Harington as the incoming president. Peter manages Rotorua Forest Nursery.

The NZFNGA look after the interests of the country’s forest nursery sector including; Govt. submissions, training, research, etc. The association holds an annual conference, AGM and technical nursery tour. Peter said the association is currently making submissions on numerous Government proposals, “some of which have the potential to be very disruptive.”

When asked about the challenges facing the forest nursery growers, Peter said labour (like everyone) and climate change. “Although we pay very well, lifting trees is hard filthy work and finding people to do it is getting harder every year.”

He explained to Friday Offcuts that this is made harder by rapid expansion. “As a sector we are under huge pressure to supply the industry demand, which has doubled in the last 3 years. He said that most nurseries are sold out for the coming season. “Investors and forest owners who ring up at the start of the planting season expecting seedlings are being disappointed.”

Harington suggested an outcome of the current supply situation is that more forest owners are going to have to learn to plan well ahead and form a relationship with a nursery and order at least a year in advance. “I tell people we are not a supermarket that restock shelves each night.”

Source: NZFNGA

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