OptiCept agreement with Chilean forestry company

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The Swedish PlantTech company OptiCept Technologies has entered an agreement with the Chilean forestry company CMPC. Cuttings will now be boosted with nutrients using a unique vacuum impregnation technology called OptiBoost.

During a couple of weeks this spring, the Chilean company CMPC have evaluated the technologies effect in their nursery. As a result, they now enter a long-term partnership with the Swedish company behind the technology.

The Optiboost technology is a symbiosis of two technologies, vacuum impregnation and nanotechnology. Cuttings are impregnated with a functionalized nutrient solution based on the third generation of patented nanotechnology. The process is executed in a small vacuum chamber that can manage up to 15,000 cuttings per hour. The OptiBoost vacuum impregnation (VI) is done with the purpose to improve the rooting and growth of cuttings and thereby decreases losses of eucalyptus and tropical clone cuttings propagation.

The parties have entered into a commercial agreement for OptiBoost for cuttings that runs over 6 years. The focus in 2024 is on the treatment of high-yielding cuttings and on developing the concept together with CMPC towards their annual production of 20 million cuttings. CMPC is the first commercial agreement signed. Two more forest companies are currently evaluating the method in South America and one in China.

CMPC is one of the world’s largest pulp and paper companies. The company has 17,000 employees and is a listed company with a turnover of approx. 6.5 billion Euros in 2021. The business includes Forestry, pulp, paper and paper products. The company plants around 20 million cuttings annually.

Source: OptiCept

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