[Paper] Point Cloud Data Systems

In ForestTECH by FIEA

Jon Osborn, from the University of Tasmania, spoke at ForestTECH 2016 on alternative platforms and sensors for point cloud data. Two key questions:

  1. Is dense point cloud photogrammetry emerging as a practical source of useful data?
  2. What are the developing operational guidelines for resource foresters?

Jon outlined a number of preliminary conclusions from the study, including:

  • Airborne/UAV photogrammetry is capable of generating useful high-resolution canopy surfaces.
  • Canopy metrics extracted can correlate well with ALS-derived metrics.
  • TLS and terrestrial photogrammetry show promise for ground-based plot measurement.

View the full presentation and conclusions below:

Point Cloud Data: Alternative Platforms and Sensors
Jon Osborn, Senior Lecturer, University of Tasmania

Click here to view the presentation.


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