Radically different Transwing eVTOL design offers some huge advantages

In Issue50, Video by FIEA

Southern California’s PteroDynamics has somehow escaped our attention thus far, but this company’s radically different take on the electric VTOL aircraft is well worth a look, and the company claims this will be the most efficient design by far.

The Transwing is an entirely different concept to anything else in development. It uses a unique (and patented) folding wing design. Propellers on propulsion pods are distributed down the length of a very long set of wings, which are designed to fold back on dihedral pivot points a short way out along the wing, operated by control rods fixed to moving actuators on the main body. When fully folded, the wings sit vertically, parallel with the sides of the aircraft, such that the props all point skyward in a typical multicopter configuration.

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