Remote data collection technologies being profiled

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On-site and virtual registrations to this year’s annual ForestTECH 2023 event along with the pre-and post-conference workshops continue to flow in.

As well as a large international contingent of presentations this year on remote sensing, data collection, forest inventory, mechanised planting and automated silviculture, innovations being employed to collect spatial data will be showcased to local forest companies.

What’s being covered?

2023 presentations include;

  • 1. High-value, low-cost satellite imagery options for AU/NZ foresters, Steve Critchlow, Group Managing Director, Critchlow Geospatial
  • 2. The current state of satellite information in forestry – how your data travels the globe, James Saunders, Director R&D, Swift Geospatial, South Africa
  • 3. Australasian designed and built solar-powered stratospheric aircraft. A game-changer for collecting frequent, high-resolution aerial data, Mark Rocket, CEO, Kea Aerospace

This is the first flight of the Kea Atmos Mk1 solar-powered aircraft in March 2023. The 12.5 metre wingspan Kea Atmos Mk1 took flight over Springfield Aerodrome in Canterbury.

In addition to the conference programme and trade exhibitions, a series of pre-and post-conference workshops have been set up for ForestTECH 2023 delegates in both countries. Workshop details can be found here.

Full programme details and further information for the NZ leg of the series (14-15 November) and for the Australian event, one week later (21-22 November) can be found on the event website,

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