Report released on the potential for AI

In ForestTECH, Issue13 by FIEA

Last week, the AI Forum (that’s Artificial Intelligence – not Artificial Insemination) released a major study about the potential for AI in New Zealand. For those interested, it is available free on the AI Forum website: Artificial Intelligence: Shaping a Future New Zealand.

The report is the culmination of nearly a year’s work with research partners IDC and Sapere, examining the local and international AI landscapes and investigating potential impacts on New Zealand’s economy and society. The report identifies key opportunities which New Zealand can invest in now to actively shape our collective future.

At a glance, the report shows that New Zealand has a young and growing AI ecosystem, however major AI investment by other countries around the world raises challenges for New Zealand to keep up with global AI advancement. The report finds that AI has the potential to increase New Zealand GDP by up to NZ$54b by 2035, as AI and automation frees people up to focus on more complex, higher value tasks in their jobs. It may also help address potential labour shortages and the demographic challenge of an ageing workforce.

The report also explores the challenges that AI presents for our society; for jobs, the law and new ethical considerations. There are long term implications for core legal principles like legal responsibility, agency and causation. AI raises many new ethical concerns relating to bias, fairness, transparency and accountability.

This detailed report is an excellent piece of work that is already increasing the national discussion about AI and initial policy discussion.

Source: NZ Technology Industry Association

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