Software unveiled to forecast bushfire damage

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Revolutionary Bushfire Management platform leverages multiple data sources and climate change-adjusted fire weather projections to predict rate of bushfire spread and intensity, fuel loads and preparedness levels.

The platform has already drawn interest from government agencies and asset owners in the Energy, Telecommunications, Mining & Resources spaces, with a number of trials already successfully completed and more underway.

Queensland-founded global digital technology company, RedEye Apps, has unveiled a revolutionary software which can forecast – from decades in advance to as little as a few hours out – where dangerous bushfires are most likely to occur, and how destructive they will be.

Leveraging a combination of satellite technology, data analytics, machine learning and climate change-adjusted fire weather projections, the Bushfire Management Platform promises to enhance bushfire prevention and preparedness for critical asset owners across the world.

RedEye has already seen pre-launch interest in the platform from critical asset owners in Federal and State governments, utility providers, mining companies and National Parks and Wildlife Services across Australia. The Brisbane-based developer has piloted the technology with a number of utilities which are looking at managing asset risk during bushfire season and beyond, and how to best site assets and how to prepare around potential bushfire outbreaks across the life cycle of their assets.

Andrew Sturgess, RedEye’s Technical Director of Fire Technology and formerly a 30-year veteran of Queensland’s Fire and Emergency Services, said it is imperative that the private sector step up with innovative solutions to lighten the load on emergency services organisations (ESOs).

“Through no fault of their own these agencies are perpetually in response mode – whether it’s to a pandemic, an emergency itself, or to the ensuing inquiry – and they simply don’t have the time anymore to undertake any analysis of bushfire risks ahead of time,” he said. “The climate has already changed, and it’s getting worse. Disasters like the 2019/20 bushfires are going to become more common and we need to find ways to prepare for them, on a national, state and local level.”

RedEye’s Bushfire Management Platform enables ESOs and critical asset and infrastructure owners to predict the damage bushfires could cause, which helps them in preparing for the worst and to mitigate against it, according to RedEye CEO and Co-Founder, Wayne Gerard.

“A powerline operator could shut down parts of its network in the event of a fire but keep other parts running; a national park can identify the best time and places to apply prescribed fire,” Gerard said. “But they can’t do this blindly and they need as much information as possible to determine which is the safest path to take. The RedEye Bushfire Management Platform helps these organisations make decisions with the best data and visualisations available.

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Photo: RedEye

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