Space Intelligence to map land cover changes

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Everland, a company representing the largest portfolio of high-quality REDD+ forest conservation projects in the world, has named Space Intelligence as its main data partner. Everland will use the state-of-the-art technology and data from Space Intelligence to build a comprehensive view of changes in land cover across three continents covering a portfolio of site-based REDD+ projects and their surrounding regions.“Working with Space Intelligence will help us extend our capabilities and further our goal of using data to promote REDD+ as a scalable mechanism to deliver conservation returns and benefits to communities whose livelihoods depend on healthy forests and the ecosystem services they safeguard,” said Everland President Josh Tosteson.

“Through this multi-year partnership, we will mutually pursue an ambitious evidence-based research agenda focused on assessing the effectiveness of the REDD+ mechanism in realising measurable forest conservation outcomes.” Space Intelligence is currently providing mapping services for a portfolio of projects across Latin America, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

“We’ve worked with the Everland team on individual projects for a number of years. We’re excited to be moving forward to work with Everland to accelerate our global impact in a long-term partnership” said chief executive Dr Murray Collins.

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