The Best Consumer Drones for 2022

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Drones have become an essential tool for forestry companies over the last decade. Technology continues to evolve and many consumer drones are now incorporating some of the advanced imaging, video stabilisation, control and automated features previously seen in more specialised (and expensive) models.

PC Mag has just released a detailed breakdown of the best consumer drones for 2022. While you won’t find drones that can fly under tree canopies, take branch clippings or cover large distances, it’s still an interesting read. You just may find a new drone that fits exactly what you want – either on the job or in your free time.

You can technically buy a drone for under $100, but you will likely end up disappointed. This list starts at US$450 for the DJI Mini 2 and goes up to US$9,000 for Sony’s Airpeak S1 video production drone.

Click here for the list (PC Mag)

Image credit: Sony

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