Weed control tool launched

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The concept of the STA logger (pronounced sta, not S.T.A) has been around for a long time, but increases in hardware and software capabilities coupled with decreases in costs soon made the product feasible. It was designed in 2018 and prototyped and field-tested in 2019. A beta batch of units was released in mid-2019 with the official commercial launch of the logger in January 2020. 

It is marketed at government and semi-government works crews as well as weed management contractors and consultants so that they can record their weed control work in an objective way. Customers use the STA logger to:

  • Record the location of weeds so that their team can see where they’ve been and follow up if necessary;
  • Demonstrate compliance with weed and native vegetation management obligations;
  • Efficiently integrate weed management data into their GIS without having to manage files;
  • Create charts, maps and report metrics such as the area of each weed species sprayed;
  • Demonstrate to the public that they are using herbicides responsibly.

A STA logger is a GPS receiver box and a handle switch box. The GPS box fits to the back of a spray unit, while the handle switch integrates into the trigger system. It automatically records location and weed spraying activities. Once back in the office, the data is uploaded to the cloud via Wi-Fi where it is processed and made available for the team, supervisors and managers to view. Data and metrics can be viewed on the desktop through a browser or on iOS, Android or Windows Mobile devices. Data can then be integrated into a team’s existing GIS to increase the analytical and reporting power by overlaying with other layers.

The fully automated system removes the cables, download time and endless stream of data files associated with a typical weed mapping project. Its value is in its efficiency and peace of mind that weeds are being treated, recorded, and are analysis-ready.

Currently, the STA logger is only designed to fit to Solo brand (and similar) backpack sprayers. Vehicle-mounted options are being designed and should be available mid-2020.  

For further information on the STA Logger, visit: https://stalogger.com/

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